The company

More than 25 years of Visual theater and Original creation

The interpretation
Working with objects
The poetry
The dramaturgy

Markeliñe creates shows with a very unique style. The careful visual aspect and gestures of the actors, the investigation that goes into items and language are elements that belong to our way of working. We also have a strong commitment to original creations and contemporaneity. We create stories that engage the world and time we live in. They provide a critical view of today and of the past. Stories where the audience can contemplate their own conflicts and contradictions depicted in a beautiful and intelligent manner. Stories that the audience builds based on suggestions, at times minimal, universal, emotional, poetic... As we create, we never sacrifice the intuitive tools of free creation and, thus, being consistent with this essence and exigency, we break old moulds and explore new scenic territories and languages.

Our creations are for all type of spaces: large, open, closed, halls; for various age groups and for standard places. In each sphere we acknowledge a different group that has its own language and we propose original, imaginative and surprising creations. This is why Markeliñe is well-established in the world of theatre and why its shows have enjoyed international acclaim in countries such as France, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Germany, England, Finland, Croatia, Romania, Portugal, Ireland, Mexico, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, South Korea, Morocco...